The New York Times Covers Manga Reader Smartphone App Featuring Pirated Content #manga

the-new-york-times-logoI’m pretty sure the New York Times doesn’t care about what a small time blogger like me has to say about their video journalism, but the fact that a tech reporter decided to plug and give prominent coverage to a manga reader app in Manga Rock that was clearly using pirated content without making any effort to search for apps featuring officially licensed content should be cause for concern, since…

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On Super Arcade And What Arcades Mean To Me

Super ArcadeSoCal’s Super Arcade recently launched a Kickstarter campaignto gather the funding necessary to refurbish its location to make it more hospitable for its regulars as well as attract new customers to convert into even more regulars. What makes Super Arcade unique, is that it’s one of the few arcades standing in a nearly barren and moribund landscape, essentially kept afloat by the strength of the…

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New Link: How to Turn GameStop Into Your No-Fee Bank #games #business #banking

GameStopLogo_BlackRedStrange of Bloomberg Businessweek editors to crawl 4chan looking for content, but the truth of their whole story on using GameStop as a savings account is a bit less fantastic than the story describing the activity.

What the poster is doing is perfectly within the scope of the current policies, even if the local stores in his area don’t like it and are catching on. However, one catch the article…

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Anonymous Asked
QuestionIs there a reason why Bandai-Namco decided to shut down ShiftyLook? Is a rival company threatening them somehow? Answer


Bandai-Namco owns ShiftyLook so there isn’t any kind of rivalry or licencing issue at the heart of it.

With any large company you have lots of moving parts and different divisions doing different things. I can’t really talk about the specifics of ShiftyLook, but as far as I know it was part of a larger corporate decision rather than displeasure with the content we were creating.

Review: Tropic Of The Sea #manga

Tropic of the Sea wideWhen he passed away in 2010, Satoshi Kon was a celebrated director with many films under his belt that polarized as many viewers as they did shock and amaze.

While his films in Perfect Blue and Paprika showed off his talent for blurring narrative perspective to draw in viewers deeper into his stories, his other films in Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfatherswere more conventional films, if…

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Review - Shinjuku Graphic Novel:

During the hoopla and excitement of everyone sharing their #GrowingUpOtaku stories on Twitter a few weeks ago, I was contacted in a few messages by the social media manager of Twistory Studios in Christine De Joy after she noticed one of my tweets about Yoshitaka Amano. During the exchange, she let me know about an older book featuring his artwork called Shinjukuand the story is described as such.

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What’s even sadder about the whole “anime feminism” debacle right now is that it took this long for this to come up in the first place. That it took people so long to realize that if you’re analyzing the progressiveness of something from another culture, you should probably consider how it would…


I’ve been alive for 37 years as of today. There’s this 16 year old inside me who hates this whole idea of getting old and being responsible, and he chimes in here and there and wants to comment on my new thoughts and feelings and perspectives. For the most part, I am able to tell him to fuck off….

I’m glad I got to learn from this today

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHi Victoria, I need some guidance. So I just now discovered your blog post about how you didn't go to college and it has got met wondering about my future. Currently, I took a year off and I don't what to do with my life. I'm afraid to go back because I'm afraid of my might continue to be lackluster. I want to know how did you get where you even with out the credentials? What advice can you also give me? Answer


First off, it’s okay to now know what to do with your life. I don’t know what to do with my life — I don’t even know what to do tomorrow. 

Second, everyone isn’t meant for college, but college is for everyone. Having credentials is SO IMPORTANT. I think working for a company where everyone else has degrees has taught me the importance of having one.

I got my job through good timing and good luck, followed by hard work, an eagerness to learn and a commitment to my passion. I really believe that people can do anything, become ANYTHING if they really want it.

If you don’t want it or doubt yourself, then you definitely won’t get anywhere!

The best advice I can give you is, if you don’t see the importance of college right now then don’t waste your time doing something you don’t understand. Take a trip, better yourself some other way — study the things you want the way you want to. Do ANYTHING ELSE as long as it fulfills you. And who knows? Maybe you’ll see the importance in a higher education through your new experiences and the wisdom you gain from them.

But honestly? 

I wish I had a college degree. (plus I actually like school ~ TEEHEE)

I’m actually in the same position as sailorbee. Despite what most may think, I never went to college. Sure, I went to a state school to learn automotive technology and even went to a trade school to learn audio engineering when I was younger, but I’ve learned that I would really benefit from a college degree.

Currently, I’m investigating whether moving out to California and going back to school would be a good idea. My goals would be to earn a Masters degree or doctorate in economics with a minor in journalism, just to formalize everything I’ve learned so far in my years as a journalist and blogger.

It’s not going to be an easy road, but my entire life has been a trial by fire thanks to my disability, so I’m used to it. At least one thing’s for sure, it’ll be a ride I won’t forget.


so as someone who worked on the show, I would like to speak about this short dialogue between Honey and Dandy. This above is fair to original japanese version (she says "ujimushi" = "worm"in japanese not ass, but it’s still sarcastic, funny and insulting) , but in the english Toonami dub, the script was changed.

Instead, in the english script, she says “asteroid belt” which is neither funny, insulting nor sarcastic, and it is totally misleading, because this dialogue was an important hint to Honey’s real character.

When she’s sarcastically calling him a stupid name, the story is trying to give small hints to the audience that this show is actually not set in a generic universe of stupid brainless boobies, and the female characters are not what they seem to be. Yes, we are in a bar called “BOOBIES”…..the girls are supposed to look generic and hot, but they are acting, getting paid for it, that’s not who they really are. The episode is supposed to be very fun and crazy, strange narrative, but with small important hints. 

I don’t understand why they would change the manner of the dialogue in the english Toonami version, making her character seem empty, it makes you totally forget about her. 

Yes, the show is totally crazy, but that’s not all about it. We want to treat the characters well while having fun with all the action and madness!

I enjoyed both the english and japanese voice acting, good job guys!
And Toonami did a great job promoting the show outside Japan!
I really didn’t intend to insult anyone here, hope that didn’t come accross like that, I know it’s just a small edit,
but next time please be more careful with the original script, it can become misleading and it’s not what the director is intending to tell. Maybe you guys didn’t intend to cause this, so I apologize if it was just a translation mistake. I understand that it’s hard to translate certain japanese dialogues in english. So please don’t take it too serious.

Anyway, I hope you guys all enjoyed the first episode so far!
And thanks for all the feedback about my animation work on it.
Here are the cuts that I animated for everyone who’s been messaging me:

Words from a Space Dandy staffer on some dialogue changes between the English and Japanese script.

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